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IRCommunity Get help with ALL aspects of ircWx[br]From beginner to advanced help available [br]Supports and[br]Latest RSS feeds from all major scripting sites[br]Support Forum and Downloads provided freely. :D :P 7 English
Dev Help make IRC-Community better! Join and discuss continued development of our services. 3 English
Lobby IRCommunity Lobby 3 English
c0ders-irc-lounge (cool) Welcome to Corders-irc & & ] (911) 2 English
TG007 (bomb)✔️ Support room for Get help with ✨ircWx✨ and mIRC Scripts (fire) 5 English
Relay-Radio Official Relay-Radio Chat room on IRC-Community 2 English
Friends and Singles (Fire) A Open Minded Chat Room,(Fire) For Adults To Have Fun and Enjoy themselves! (B)(cheers) 0 English
TestRoom test room 0 English
The Craypot Fun chat :D Remember to tip the owners :D Dress Optional ;) 0 English
Trivia Trivia Room with Various Games (Y) Give it a shot, You just might like it!! :O 0 English

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